Why Us:


We offer the services in different ways like

We provide the best and top consulting abilities; here candidates are screened and communicated.  In the full-time we provide the best potential ability to compete. And resources can work as on temporary basis or permanent contract, if everything is well they will be hired as the full time resource and Freelancers and trainer with us are well knowledgeable.


Coming to the pricing, there are types in Hiring like Direct Hire which is full time with the percentage of the gross annual salary, for this type payment will be of particular percent depending upon the salary within 90 days of completion.

  • Contract hires are fixed hourly cost these are billed monthly.
  • Temporary to permanent hires these have certain percentage  of gross annual salary when hired for full time, for this time of payment will be billed at the full time hire.
  • For the Freelancers there will be fixed cost per hour and there will be monthly bill payment.